Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Georgia, Georgia ... just an old sweet song ...

Nicolas Sarkozy's last great foreign policy triumph was saving Georgia from the Russian bear. But Georgia was so ... yesterday. Today's great foreign policy triumph is the rapprochement with Russia--and even Villepin is singing Sarko's praise. Of course there were a few cockroaches in the banquet soup:

In his banquet speech, Sarkozy reminded Medvedev of western worries about Russia. "Your attachment to the rule of law, to the respect for legality, for judicial security, for the defence of human rights greatly helps the rapprochement between our nations," he said.  

But there were no pointed references to beleaguered Chechens, plucky Georgians, murdered journalists, poisoned Ukrainians, natural gas blackmail, etc. etc. The villain of the piece is now Obama. It doesn't pay to snub Napoléon le Petit. After all, he can always pretend to be le grand Charles. Is it too soon to withdraw from NATO? I'm not sure that the French generals have had time to move into their new offices.

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CJWilly said...

The last line made me chuckle.