Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lepage Quits MoDem

Corinne Lepage has quit MoDem, citing "considerable ... dysfunctions" in the "internal democracy" of the movement. En clair: Bayrou is a tyrant. And nothing seems to be working for the party. This is a significant blow, possibly a coup de grâce.


Passerby said...

In a short TV interview after her annoucement Corine Lepage also blamed on François Bayrou the severe defeat during "les régionales".
According to her, the party's strategy for "les regionales" was not focused at all on candidates in the regions, but instead on the 2012 Bayrou campaign.

MYOS said...

As someone who likes the basic premise of Modem, this campaign felt wrong, not from the ground, but from Paris. From what I could see , the campaign was left to each candidate's devices. National headquarters provided no help, either logistical or financial. Bayrou sent them out to be butchered - and whatever money they invested was lost, too bad if you go bankrupt. Such disregard for one's troops is almost too much to bear.
The reasonable solution would have been to accept that Modem candidates become allies with other groups: PS if they were "compatible" or Europe Ecologie. (Since Modem defines itself as an opposition party, there could be no alliance with UMP. Its niche is in "opposition but not left".) Many would have done so but Bayrou simply refused to allow them this tactics which would have saved them locally but would have damaged his "independent" stance nationally. In short, he sacrificed them - in credibility and financial means - for nothing, no gain at all, just for the way he sees himself.
The irony is that there is no Modem state representative anymore... except in Poitou Charentes. And the kicker: those were suspended from Modem.

Unknown said...

Bayrou is looking better and better for 2012. It'll be fun to watch the amount of press space devoted to him.