Thursday, March 25, 2010

Panic on the Right

The voters have really shaken things up with their sanction vote. Some in the UMP are even thinking of challenging Sarkozy on one of his flagship measures: le bouclier fiscal. Tax breaks for the rich just don't sit well when you're cutting back on civil service jobs, schoolteachers, nurses, and firemen and bailing out Greece.


MYOS said...

De Villepin said that, too. :)

Even if he doesn't manage to pull it off, De Villepin can be a darn thorn in Sarkozy's side.

BTW: Tonight he did say he'd voted for Valerie Pécresse because she was from his government and he liked her and he was loyal to his "side" (he didn't say "loyal to his party" though)

MYOS said...

I follow the story of the zero-training teachers on the blog you recommended and I totally relate to "a parent's nightmare".
I do believe that cutting teachers numbers in two and sending in young graduates without training to cut costs is a nighmarish move.
If teachers unions wouldn't worry most people including the government, the parents' anger should.«diversifier-le-potentiel»/