Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Second Round

Forgive me if I barely take notice of the Left's resounding victory in the second round of the regional elections. It's just been announced here in the U.S. that the Stupak 10 -- the small band of Democrats who threatened to hold health care reform hostage to their views on abortion -- have at last been persuaded to vote for the bill. Obama is therefore on the verge of an historic achievement, which makes the claque delivered to Sarkozy seem insignificant by comparison.


CJWilly said...

The regionals are interestingish...

* Inertia-like "win" for the Left
* Massive abstention
* Total disinterest in the regional reading of these regional elections, they apparently only matter for as a referendum for the national government
* The Left was capable of some unity, notably with the Greens
* No more Bayrou
* The FN is back!

Any assessments more than that is just poring over chicken entrails!

MYOS said...


Before I go check out the Health Care debate and vote (how much I wish it works!!! I think Americans don't realize their situation is not even worthy of a second-rate country but of course you've got to live in any developed country abroad to realize it), personal recap:

Ségolene Royal who positively sparkled while taking the stage, first among all PS: " Our capacity for resistance has been recognized; this mustn't the victory of some against others, it must be a victory for all" - 61%, with excellent results in "cités" where usually people don't go vote and even in the rural areas that usually vote UMP.
In contrast, Martine Aubry looking old-school Party Official, with youthful supporters extatic way below, in the crowd below her podium "French people love us because we're united. French people spoke, they must be heard, that means the governement must profundly change course." (yeah, right, that's going to totally work. Keep wishing).

Jean François Copé, looking like all blood had permanently left his face, although we knew it was all for show because we'd been warned he would say something difficult about his own party and he had to look the part; he wanted to "get back to fundamentals", and the topics that really worry the French, such as... the burqa law.
(I kid you not)

George Freche upon a chair stating that wherever Martine Aubry went, the results went down - with Helene Mandroux and in Alsace, then "vive Mao, vive Lénine" but it fell flat, no one was shocked, compared to his usual antics it's pretty mild.

Let us sing "Vous n'aurez pas l'Alsace et la lorraine"
(well, except La Lorraine voted for the PS too...) - tiny blue sliver on the map, like Chile on the South America map, but on the right of the map. "Il sauve l'honneur de la droite et empêche le grand chelem du PS"

MYOS said...

Oh, I forgot François Fillon with blood-red socks on under an undertaker's suit, channelling Jospin "I take responsability and will meet with President Sarkozy tomorrow morning to pay..." (poor translation, sorry)

MYOS said...

224 ! :)

Vertigo said...

I actually have been watching the French elections via French 24 all afternoon. It has been a while since I followed French politics so, it was good to be back. I can't wait to see the changes Sarko will implement, if any, and the future of Fillon. Granted Fillon has a higher popularity rate than Sarko, so getting rid of him might not be wise.
Villepin has also announced that he will create a new 'movement', more details to come this Tuesday.

MYOS said...

Here's Fillon's statement

Could the Bayrou-Villepin connection happen?
Somehow, I don't trust Bayrou enough at this point.

In other news:
Can this really be happening?
It's another of those "didn't think it'd happen in my lifetime" moments.

MYOS said...

just for kicks:

NOW is mad. Grr. The French have a saying: "To drop the prey for its shadow".
(the shadow always looks bigger)

CJWilly said...

I saw the hysterical socks too. I was like.. Whaa?