Saturday, March 27, 2010

Speaking Truth to Power

Chantal Jouanno, only recently linked romantically (and no doubt fancifully) to the French president, was yesterday the subject of his rebuke. He "did not appreciate" her outspoken opposition to the shelving of the carbon tax, said a particularly dour and petulant Sarkozy. Meanwhile, Alain Juppé, who used to enjoy a reputation for being dour and petulant, leapt to Jouanno's defense:

De son côté, l'ex-Premier ministre, Alain Juppé, adresse, sur son blog, un "coup de chapeau à Chantal Jouanno". Estimant que la France "ne doit pas renoncer" à la mise en place d'une taxe carbone. Il partage l'analyse de la secrétaire d'Etat, sur l'"éco-scepticisme ambiant depuis l'échec de Copenhague".
Bravo, Alain! You may yet win the hearts and minds of your countrymen. One might see here the outlines of an interesting cleavage on the Right: on one side, Juppé, Borloo, Jouanno, Lemaire, Kosciusko-Morizet, Morin, Villepin, etc.; on the other, Copé, Estrosi, Mariani, Devedjian, Longuet, Hortefeux, etc. The party of the fréquentable versus the party of the infréquentable.

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nice little opinion piece to go along with art's post.