Friday, April 16, 2010

2002 in reverse

I was saying the other day that 2012 could turn out to be 2002 in reverse, with the FN facing the candidate of the Left rather than the Right in the second round of the presidentials. Daniel Cohn-Bendit agrees. To me, this would represent the worst of all possible worlds and the ultimate failure of the Sarkozy presidency. Because until recently it had seemed that, whatever else he did or failed to do, he would at least have weakened the FN. But now, on the contrary, Le Pen's party seems to be regaining strength every day, while the UMP has become as much a den of ambitious vipers as the PS.


jc said...

why do I worry that the voters on the right might be more likely to hold their nose and vote FN than to vote for a socialist?

brent said...

But jc, Aubry isn't much of a socialist to begin with--and with all that running room to the right, she might come to look like the center-right itself if this scenario plays out.