Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another View of Sarkozy's Collapse

Here is Sarkozy's collapse as seen by Thierry Desjardins.


Prrd said...

there's barely food for a tweet in Desjardin's take. Giscard was ahead in polls until march 1981. Without Chirac's strategy, he'd have won. His policy, however the man's attitude might have been, was rather sound. Basically, Giscard used the center while Sarkozy has always been playing the right.

This is 2 years before elections. The ink is cheap but many should have something to say before writing on this.

Boz said...

The notion that he wouldn't run in 2012 is pretty hard to believe. Sarko doesn't know anything but politics, that's his entire life. For the egos these guys have, it's only downhill from here. Not so long ago the PS was getting beaten by a postman - anything can happen before 2012.

MYOS said...

I don't think the PS ever got beaten by the postman, though, Boz.
However I agree with your general conclusion: anything can -will certainly - happy before 2012.
He's collapsed among people but their attention span is so goldfished that in September we'll hear all about something magnificent he did (close the tax loopholes, cut his salary back) and things will shift again. After all, he's got the power, so if he wants to use it instead of making talking points, he can come back very quickly.