Friday, April 23, 2010

Away from My Desk

I am in California for a few days, so blogging will be light.

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MYOS said...

Hope CA's sunny.

Darker here - you sense trouble when a country causes despair in its best students, the kind who attend prepa and grande ecole:

"I should have studied less" -- aggravated student with a master's in Engineering. (She should move to the US or Canada...)
Pole Emploi suggests that jobs are in baking and such, because right now "studying is worthless".

The same program showed MBA graduates hired in retail positions that only require a HS diploma - their boss is very proud because they've got such advanced credentials, plus, they're bilingual... not that he pays them any better than he would have paid less qualified staff. They can't say anything because others aren't even paid minimum wage -- they're perenial "interns", working for free, hoping they'll be picked for a job, getting desperate.