Monday, April 12, 2010

Back from the Desert

So, what happened while I was gone? I didn't have much time to read the news while in Arizona for the annual conference of the Society for French Historical Studies, which was a real treat. My compliments and thanks to the organizers, especially Victoria Thompson, who did a fabulous job and really made me feel welcome. It was great to swim in the morning, listen to lectures all day, and dine in the evening with old and new friends.

But now it's back to real life, and I need to catch up. I see that the First Lady was out and about trying to prevent Affairsgate from turning into the Assassination and Persecution of Rachida Dati by the Inmates of the Elysian Asylum. It might be interesting to see what would happen if Mme Dati were turned over to the justice system whose collective back she got up while serving as Justice Minister. We might see her condemned to be broken on the wheel, drawn, and quartered on the place de Grève.

ADDENDUM: It looks as though one of the inmates has been sent to solitary by the warden. Yet another bizarre twist in this loufoque affair.

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