Monday, April 19, 2010

Can Storrow Drive Be Next?

Bertrand Delanoë is closing the expressways along the Seine. Anybody care to hazard a guess how many votes this will deliver to the UMP? (h/t PVF)


MYOS said...

Most people who use the expressways are from around Paris and thus don't vote for Delanoe or UMP. Intramuros Parisians just take the metro, they wouldn't dream of driving to work (unless they work outside rush hour).

Unknown said...

Indeed. Delanoe is a very smart man. Less than 50% of true Parisians own a car, in contrast with inhabitants of suburburban towns. This is going to make the latter angry. Guess what, only the former get to vote for or against Delanoe and, in the last local elections, he did very well indeed.