Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expensive Dinner

The New York Times has finally deigned to take note of Sarkozy's visit to Washington. It thinks he should pay for his dinner with the Obamas by sending more troops to Afghanistan. That would add considerably to the already large tab for the world's most unnecessary state visit. Oddly, the French media have given Joyandet a hard time for chartering a private jet to Martinique for 116,500 euros, but none has mentioned the cost of Sarko's jaunt, which included a paternal visit with le petit Louis, an empty and uninspiring speech to Columbia students, a hot dog at a Washington chili joint, and a tête-à-tête with the Obamas in the White House family dining room. A few rather odd protocol demands have begun to leak out: for instance, Sarko demanded that an espresso machine be installed at Columbia in case he needed a pick-me-up. I have not been able to determine whether he actually had a cup.


CJWilly said...

Dear France, we hope you enjoyed having your unpopular President dine with our super-historic President. If you would just send another 1000 soldiers to the graveyard of empires and we'll call it even. You know the hotdog joint was worth it.

Your truly,

The New York Times

Cincinna said...

"super Historic"? Not to more than half the American people. Sixty % believe that Obama does not deserve to be re-elected. And it's only April!.The unpopularity level of both Presidents is over 50% so you can drop the smugness.

Sarko will probably rise in the polls, Obama has been in a steady fall for more than 6 months. Every poll says so. Obama is losing large amounts of support from self declared Independent voters, and from Jewish voters. Read Ed Koch's piece on Obama's disgraceful treatment of the Israeli Head of State.

CJWilly said...

Obama's is historic by his election and the healthcare reform, whose glory will last a moment still. Obama's treatment of Netanyahu was more than warranted. Now if he would only stop the flow of aid to Israel, siphoning it to an infinitely more deserving place like Haiti or Indonesia, and then began treating that country like Serbia or Iraq (sanctions, airstrikes etc. until said country complies with international law), then he will have begun to be fair.

DavidinParis said...

The posts above more than illustrate the tightrope Obama has to walk in order to govern and still try to get re-elected. Whew!