Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Apologies

My Internet was out all day today, so I wasn't able to read the news or blog. And I will be leaving for France on Sunday, to there will be another fallow period coming up. If the connection stays up, I should have a little time to post between now and then, however. But I'm not sure it will stay up--things are pretty flaky, and Comcast hasn't been too swift on the uptake.


Leo said...

good luck!
Your travails sound familiar. I have this nagging feeling Comcast has been taken over by stealth by France Telecom.

MYOS said...

Good luck!
At least, you've got customer service - SFR, Bouygues, and Free aren't as horrible as health insurance companies but they're pretty bad with customer service.

Unknown said...

I suppose it's better to have service than not, but when the "customer service executives" are clueless about how their own products work, I'm not sure. When you finally get through the screen to the technical people, things go much more easily, but the screen is virtually impenetrable until you've amassed enough telephone hours to demonstrate that you're really pissed.