Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remaniement intime

Sarko is his own prime minister, so he can't deflect blame by firing the PM. The next best thing is to fire some advisors. So today we have confirmation of yesterday's rumors of a shakeup in the staff of the Élysée. Actually, looked at more closely, the report doesn't say that anyone has been fired. Rather, the morning staff meeting has been rearranged. Fewer people will attend. Some advisors seem to have been frozen out. Catherine Pégard has had her office moved farther from the president's, la pauvre. Reason: she was too close to Cécilia (but wasn't she appointed after the remarriage? Well, never mind, surely there are better ways to analyze French politics than to employ the methods of Kremlinology and celebrity tittle-tattle magazines--or, then again, maybe not). Pierre Charon is "in disgrace" for having concocted the theory of a "conspiracy" out to destabilize Sarko by planting the rumor that the presidential couple was on the rocks (as I said, maybe Kremlinology and tittle-tattle are indeed the order of the day). Claude Guéant, it is said, has been cut down to size after consolidating too much power in his own hands. Ainsi va le monde.

Meanwhile, the president himself is in Washington. This time he scored an interview with Katie Couric, who asked him about rumors concerning his private life (ah, how fearless journalists become when they are beyond the reach of presidential ire). It goes with the territory, Sarko replied in essence. He seemed completely unruffled, unlike the time he stormed out of an interview with another CBS reporter who pressed a tender spot. This time he remained completely poker-faced. He's a seasoned president now and knows what to expect from female American journalists.

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Boz said...

Couric asked a completely legitimate question, basically why is your PR strategy so crappy. Leslie Stahl, if I remember correctly, was blatantly fishing for gossip. Not that that shouldn't be allowed, especially considering the circumstances in fall 07, but it was asked quite insensitively. For comparison, Charlie Rose talked to some length with Sarkozy about some personal things a few years back, including his father, without problem.