Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why Does This Guy Remind Me of John Edwards?

Now here's a new wrinkle: a Sarkozy minister suing a Lagardère publication for putting his picture on the cover. François Baroin claims that he's doing it for the principle of the thing: he's never been one to publicize his private life, so why should he accept the rules of the game that his boss has more or less defined? And he does have one of those private lives that get talked about: first Marie Drucker, now Michèle Laroque. Plus, if you're an American, you look at him and his coif and you think, "John Edwards!"


Antonin & Damia said...

Well, it's better to remind people of John Edwards than of Harry Potter

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MYOS said...

THIS is more likely to cause trouble on the right:

UMP député Lionel Tardy twitted the Copé/UMP "closed" meeting to express his unhappiness. Now Favennec does the same.
Actually even the people who went to the presidential meeting expressed frustration *on camera* (not "off"), while some explained that killing the bouclier fiscal was the only solution to also "get rid of the social debt" (I quote here, don't ask me!), and Mariani stated that he was not going because he does not like "être pris pour un con".

John Edwards, Michele Laroque (doesn't she live in LA???) and a bébé Chirac (which is how he's been refered to since he's been promoted to ministre).