Wednesday, April 14, 2010

World Turned Upside Down

Aubry at 65% in the popularity polls, Sarko at 38, Marine Le Pen at 29: is this a preview of 2012? And Marine is on the march: could we be looking at 2002 in reverse? What's more, Aubry isn't even the top Socialist: DSK is at 76 and Delanoë at 69. And among the Greens, Duflot is at 39, DCB 49.

Cool your jets, lefties. These beauty contest polls are among the most meaningless of surveys. And one thing you can say for Sarko: he knows how to campaign.


CJWilly said...

Gosh it's scary to have MLP almost surpassing Sarko.. I swear he was almost below 30 not too long ago.

MYOS said...

CJWIlly, I too thought Sarko was under 30.

This is unlikely to help him (or anyone)

As for Aubry and Delanoe's popularity, I still remember 2008, when such polls put Delanoë really high, which I found puzzling because in the province where I lived then, he was considered as "the mayor of Paris", therefore, a Parisian first, and second uncontroversial but bland, nothing like the star newspaper made him out to be. (Turns out he was duped and dumped in the Congrès de Reims so his popularity probably rests on the same elements as before, likely with the same effects on the ground.)

Anonymous said...

According to Le Figaro, his popularity is down to 28%, not that those polls matter, public opinion is that his numbers continue like that, he will soon be finding petroleum under the Elysée.

Domino the TSS