Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You've Got to Be Kidding

It just gets better and better:

At the same time, the Elysée has been pointing the finger at Rachida Dati and is determined to punish her (last week's post). It has leaked reports that its investigators (presumably police) have proof that the former darling of the President was passing on the gossip [about alleged affairs of both NS and CB). Claude Guéant, Sarkozy's chief-of-staff, got into the act today, telling le Canard Enchaîné on the record: "The President of the Republic does not want to see Rachida Dati any more". [What is this, High School Confidential?--ed.]

Dati is in turn threatening law suits against the boys at the Elysée. On RTL radio this morning [in picture], she insisted that Sarkozy would never say the things that his advisers were alleging and she hoped to have it out with the President him soon.


MYOS said...

Bourdin recapped comments today on RMC too.

It's not even as funny as in Glee. Plus President Sarkozy isn't right for the role of QB, even if we have the Cheerleading Captain, the popular crowd's minions, and the Queen Bee characters.

Real Housewives of Paris-7éme?

satchmo said...

Mean Goyls?

And the episode could be titled: "I said hi to you, Elysée High to me?"

Sarko-Dati is truly the gift that keeps on giving, at least in terms of comedy material.