Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Left-wing Antisemitism in France

A review of a book by Michel Dreyfus.


Anonymous said...

"S’il rejette l’idée d’un antisémitisme propre, spécifique à la gauche, il affirme que celle-ci n’est nullement à l’abri de telles tendances..."
Certainly true.

Bringing that to a current issue - Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
I have never read or seen raised in media outlets the question of his
Jewishness as being a problem or obstacle in his quest for becoming the presidential candidate for the PS. For sure, among militants and those publicly associated with the PS, nothing of this sort would be said.

But its with many unaffiliated, lower-middle class, artisanariat, ex-prolos, and other hardly-tax-paying members of French society that I heard unsettling remarks over the years, such as at the local café zinc counter, just to give an image. Especially concerning two presidentiables and ex-Ministres de la Finance, Fabius & Strauss-Kahn.
Classical & typical anti-semitism. Rarely a mention of Israel. And seemingly not like anti-Sionism which is an apanage of immigrant populations and young (and not so young) far-leftists.

This would be the most delicate of issues for the PS to contend with: how to deal with anti-semitism among some voting blocs its been losing.
(ceteris paribus, such "economic" anti-semitism exists in the US & even in my old neck of the woods, the Northeast. Amalgams and prejudice are dished out with lots of yahoos & idiots blaming their own misery and the misery of the world on the Goldman Sachs and on the neighboring Jewish family.


Cartesian said...

In France there is antisemitism and also a bit of anti-Americanism (left-wing). Anti-Americanism which could be the cause of your aggression in France, and I am sorry for this.

Anonymous said...

I am a Fabiusien, but Dominique Strauss-Kahn should never have said, some years ago, that he thought of Israel and the means to help it every day. Not the best mindset if he wants to be president of France, not of Israel !


Cartesian said...

A problem with the French debt is that a lot of persons are not seeing the money from its growth, so they may think it is gone in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cartesian, I too am certain that Arthur was victimized by a group of young leftist thugs on the prowl for American tourists.

Get a grip!

Cartesian said...

But I think Arthur has not been detected because of his accent.