Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Liberation of Clotilde Reiss

Clotilde Reiss is free, but Sarkozy is unlikely to gain much from this liberation, unlike that of Florence Aubenas or the Bulgarian nurses. A polemic has  already begun, with the Senegalese president accusing his French counterpart of having botched an earlier opportunity for a release, and suspicions are being voiced that the Iranians may have obtained concessions regarding prisoners held in France, including one whom the American authorities want for questioning on the subject of nuclear weapons.


MYOS said...

Doubts here:

Botched released here:

Anonymous said...

I am glad she was freed, but some people do call her "Clotilde 007".


Passerby said...

The spy rumor is indeed growing:

DavidinParis said...

Gee whizz, this is the coolest thing that has happened in France since...well, Bridget Bardot. She is cute, poised, seemingly intelligent, and probably was an 'espion'. James Bond, you gotta check this one out - it will make a wonderful new movie- we will hear much more on this one for sure. Even FOX news will have some fun with this as she makes Sarah Palin look like, well, Sarah Palin.