Saturday, May 15, 2010

Polanski: Elysée active, new charges

President Sarkozy has spoken with his Swiss counterpart about Roman Polanski's situation, according to the Elysée. And new allegations against the director have been made by a British actress. Curiouser and curiouser.


Boz said...

Politically, Sarko seems to have handled this terribly from the start, not reigning in Kouchner, letting the Mitterand affair blowup, and stooping to being Polanski's mailman. If (as some recent reports suggest) he is planning a character assassination campaign against DSK in 2012, his groveling for a serial child predator might just look a bit hypocritical. I think he risks misjudging his base on this issue.

MYOS said...

Boz, Polanski is not a child predator - he is, however, a rapist. And considering how guilty he feels for raping the 13-year old (snark) you can bet he did it again.
It's puzzling that so many French politicians rushed to defend him: how can "I only raped her because I thought she was 16" considered a legitimate defense?

As I read somewhere in the NYT, it's better to be an American award-winning filmmaker condemned for rape, than an Iranian award-winning filmmaker accused of supporting democracy.

Boz said...

Well, whatever the terminology, I just think he's getting bad advice. I find it hard to believe that his base, which mostly consists of older, conservative voters, is as enamored with a guy like Polanski as the French elite seems to be.