Monday, May 17, 2010

Rights and Realities

This column by Libé's Washington correspondent tells us that the ACLU is defending every American's "right" to shout "you f ...'ing ass" at the cop on the beat--an offense that can land you in jail in France for "outrage à un agent de l'ordre public" or something of that sort. I have some advice for Mme Millot: that she not try to avail herself of her "right" to insult the cops while in the US. There are rights and there are realities. She might find herself lying face down in the gutter were she to press her right too far, particularly if delivered with a French accent.

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MYOS said...

But with your face pressed into the gutter, you can think that you'll soon be calling the ACLU.
I think the Libé correspondent thinks the very existence of the ACLU is incredible.

In France with your face in the gutter, all you have to look forward to is a night in jail (garde à vue) and probably some kind of speedy trial where you'll be found guilty.