Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ed Miliband Proposes "Graduate Tax" in UK

Here's a novel idea: Ed Miliband, contender for the Labour Party leadership in the UK, has proposed replacing college tuition with a "graduate tax," allowing students to amortize their educational expenses over a lifetime of higher earnings. Given the hostility in France to university tuition and the emphasis on equality, this might be a way to increase funding of French universities without unduly burdening the families of students while reducing the growing inequality due to increasing returns to education.


Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting idea. I suppose it lengthens the time to pay off the loan, but it could solve some problems for students and colleges.

I fear that higher education is going to cross an invisible fiscal line where only huge state universities and ivy league schools will survive.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Anonymous :) I think that small colleges are really important and a key element in a healthy educational system.

I agree with the Miliband idea, but only if the "tax" is proportional to the salary in the chosen branch, otherwise social workers, nurses, etc, would be penalized.

In the meanwhile, in France, law and science students win the top prize for... cheating.

On the other hand, some of these "exams" are so byzantine (ie, they may not even focus on what the course covered or marginally so...) that students feel their ability to tip the scales in their favor is their only chance.
I also saw a nice med school exam where the candidate had obviously not studied the topic ("wild fruit and mushrooms") and had drawn cartoon on every one of the 24 exam pages.