Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Things First

Better a soccer scandal than a Bettencourt Affair. Sarkozy has granted Thierry Henry an audience, at Henry's request, apparently, and Roselyne Bachelot spoke to the Assemblée Nationale today and managed to make the World Cup sound like the Fall of France in World War II. Meanwhile, sports minister Rama Yade, in an interview on France 2, promised to clean house and come up with "un nouveau plan footballistique," for which she wins this year's Prix de Bravitude.

UPDATE: Better and better: Sarko has called for an Estates General of Football. "Ce n'est pas une révolte, Sire, c'est une révolution."


Philippe said...

Well, it's not like there's anything else happening in the world that requires attention:

Les seuls, pour l'heure, à se dire gênés de cette intrusion du sommet de l'Etat dans les affaires des Bleus sont les responsables des ONG que le chef de l'Etat devait rencontrer jeudi pour préparer les sommets du G8 et du G20. Ces ONG, qui se disent "étonnées" et font le lien avec l'entretien accordé à Thierry Henry à la dernière minute, rencontreront à la place le ministre des affaires étrangères, Bernard Kouchner, et son secrétaire d'Etat à la coopération, Alain Joyandet.

Philippe said...


Kirk said...

I hate to break it to you, Art, but "footbalistique" is a word that's been around for quite some time. I don't know when I first heard it - passively, since I don't care about the sport - but I did find it odd, and asked around; it's a valid word.

I just checked in my Grand Robert, and they list it as being in use as far back as 1984.

Tex_Exile said...

Perhaps this will end up in history as Sarko's Katrina...

Passerby said...

As the Kerviel trial is currently taking place, we hear of Daniel Bouton again in the press.
As the SG President he tried to cling to his chair, believing that he had no responsibility in the Kerviel disaster.
Public looked at it as either a big corporate lie, or blatant incompetence. Finally he was forced to quit.

Interestingly, the World Cup disaster for France unravelled in front of billions. Yet, despite public uproar, Escalettes, the FFF President tries to cling to his chair, believing that he has no responsibility in the fiasco.

Banking and soccer. Two different worlds. Same story: no accountability at the highest level.

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that there's no accountability at the highest level in anything at all.
I heard the Bettencourt tapes and, seriously, what is Eric Woerth still doing as Ministre des retraites?
Yes I know, Art explained he's the only one who wan do anything about the retirement reform, but he's a liability.
I also take issue wih his "do I look like a liar" sentence (sorry, not an exact quote, but the gist of it):
Does he want us to believe that there there "honest faces" that garantee honesty, and "faces of liars"? Didn't we chuck these notions back in the early 20th century? Plus, isn't a liar, by definition, someone who says something untrue while looking perfectly honest?

Banks, football, French governement.