Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Foot(ball) in Mouth

Poor Rama Yade. She thought to score a few points off the hapless French national soccer team (why not? everyone else is) by denouncing their expensive hotel rooms as a needless luxury in a time of rigor lowered expectations. Alas, her own room had already been booked, and it turned out to be more expensive than the rooms of Les Bleus. What to do? She took a room at the French consulate, but it was too late: the room reserved for her had been prepaid and was non-refundable. Now she has to put up not only with the team's ire but also with the ridicule of Le Canard enchaîné. That's what you get for taking cheap shots on goal.

And let us get real, dear readers: luxury jets and hotels for ministers and football players are no doubt wasteful and unnecessary expenditures, but eliminating them will not fill le trou de la sécu. In any case, the footballers' expenses are covered by private funds. Not so those of the minister and her entourage. Très mal joué, Mme Yade. Worse than Henry's handball, but for which both FIFA and the state could have saved a lot of money by avoiding French participation in the World Cup altogether. Football, as Marcel Mauss could have explained to Mme Yade, belongs to the realm of le don, and rulers who pinch pennies so stingily chip away at their own authority.

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Boz said...

"rulers who pinch pennies so stingily chip away at their own authority"

True, I've got no problem funding Air Force One. But the Sports Secretary? What authority is there in the first place?