Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Guillon Affair

Sarkozy may be running into trouble on retirement reform as a result of the Bettencourt affair (see previous post), but in another long-running affair he seems to be coming out on top. The humorist Stéphane Guillon has been a thorn in his side for some time, and it appears that Guillon is about to lose his morning slot on France Inter. But the wounded beast will be free to roam the media jungle, and one can only imagine the ferocity of the attacks to which this foolish and inconclusive skirmish will entitle the presidential hunter and his native guide Philippe Val during the 2012 campaign.


Anonymous said...

It's a done deal, he's been fired, even though he's won his timeslot for his radio station.
Porte also.

I didn't like Porte, and his "I f... Sarkozy" skit was offensive and stupid and unfunny, but someone was right to point out his very director had made that exact same "joke" a few years ago, and been treated well for it.
As for Guillon, he often made me laugh, even if his caricatures offended (I especially disliked his portraits of politicians as animals).

It shocks me to see them fired, not for financial reasons but for political ones. It "feels" like censorship and thus as an assault on free speech and a free press.

And now, what? Will they be treated like lepers, and shunted off to an obscure radio station? Or will they be hired for publicity purposes? Will they have a "censorship if need be" clause in their new contract? Will they be unable to find work for a while?

I find this as disturbing as the Woerth affair.

Anonymous said...

Guillon, Porte, and Morel.
Plus, apparently, Porte's boss for "le fou du roi", Stephen Bern, is considering quitting (he's famous, I'm sure he'll have no trouble finding another job) because just the day before he'd been told Porte would continue working for him.

I despise censorship.

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Telerama's take on this.