Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Maginot Line

By Peter Boone and Simon Johnson.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when people mock the Maginot line. My father was assigned there as a reserve officer and they fought hard even when they knew the armistice was coming.

He then spent five years in an oflag in Austria, after trying several times to escape.


Unknown said...

Nobody mocks the people who manned the Maginot Line. It's the conception of the line itself that is mocked, the failure to consider the ways in which the most formidable defenses can be circumvented.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Arthur. But just spread this to your compatriots who seem convinced that "the Wehrmacht cut through the Maginot Line as easily as slicing a piece of camembert", as I read once.

Now, back to the EU and its economic woes...