Friday, June 4, 2010

No Confidence

As you know, I generally avoid reporting popularity polls, the degré zéro of political reportage. But it's worth noting that the latest TNS-Sofres poll shows that Sarkozy, after a brief recovery, has slipped again to 28 percent approval, matching his nadir of last March. What is perhaps more interesting is that the loss of support has occurred mainly in the upper middle class. The detailed results show that support for Sarko among cadres (26%) is only slightly higher than among employees (24) and workers (16). His most faithful contingent remains the over-65 group (39) and the inactive/retirees (33). What's more, his decline has been more or less steady since his election, when 65 percent of the French approved.

Among parties, the Greens have the highest approval rating (+55), the FN the lowest (12). The PS is at 43, the UMP at 30. Surprisingly, the PCF stands at 25, the Left Party (21) is slightly ahead of NPA (18), and MoDem (21) enjoys a comfortable lead over Nouveau Centre (14).

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