Friday, June 25, 2010

P.S.: Internal Tensions over Retirement Reform

Martine Aubry was in the streets yesterday with the unions protesting the proposal to increase the legal age of retirement to 62, but DSK (reiterating his previous dissent by way of an IMF white paper on France), Gérard Collomb, Michel Rocard, and Didier Migaud (president of the Cour des Comptes) are not on the same page. OK, old story, usual suspects. But what is the PS position on reform? Aubry says she's for reform, don't get her wrong, but just not this one. It's time to lay something on the table.


Boz said...

Aubry's reform = DSK 2012

DavidinParis said...

Socialists= the French version of the 'party of no'

Isn't it ironic?

Tom Holzman said...

Time for the PS to put up or shut up, if they can speak with a single voice (right).