Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sarko Cracks

As I predicted, mounting pressure on Sarkozy, primarily owing to proliferating scandals and growing resistance to retirement reform, has finally forced him to act--or at any rate, to consider acting, according to this flash:
Nicolas Sarkozy prévoirait un remaniement ministériel pour octobre
Nicolas Sarkozy "réorganisera le gouvernement en octobre et tirera sévèrement les conséquences du comportement de ministres", a affirmé mercredi sur Twitter l'UMP Yannick Favennec, qui participait à la réception des députés UMP par le chef de l'Etat à l'Elysée.
Now we'll see if my prediction of yesterday comes true: Fillon demoted to replace Woerth, Juppé to become PM. But whatever happened to super-Sarko? October? This is June. When he came into office he was jogging, jetting, and jitterbugging around the clock, but now his government is falling apart and he gives himself until October to do something about it. Strangely lethargic. He's beginning to resemble Chirac more and more, which must astonish him when he looks in the mirror while shaving and thinking about 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Art, I like your prediction and I find the Fillon/Woerth swap thought-provoking, but my own bet would be that Woerth will be replaced with Chatel.

Supersarko had some kind of heart problem last summer (when he ran after a big meal in the afternoon sun; Patrick Balkany said it was a heart attack, I think, but l'Elysee said there was no loss of consciousness?) it may have slowed his clock.

October: he may expect heavy protests in September, and will thus kill one bird with two stones?

As for the ministers being severely admonished/kicked in the butt, I doubt it: it was promised 2 years ago, with something akin to an accountability audit being promised, but nothing came of it as far as I can recall.
(That's too bad because France really, really needs to understand accountability.)