Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saucisson et Pinard

Everybody wants a piece of the symbolic day June 18. Sarkozy is going to London. Dominique de Villepin is launching his "movement." And the extreme right wanted to organize an apéro géant saucisson et pinard in the Goutte d'Or.

This may require some unpacking for Anglophone readers. What is an apéro géant? It's a relatively recent phenomenon, a sort of open-air happy hour organized via Facebook, a flash mob fueled by alcohol. Hordes converge on some designated spot at some designated hour and make whoopee, with all the consequences one might anticipate. The twist in this case was the combination of the theme ("sausage and cheap wine") with the venue, the Goutte d'Or, a section of Paris in which many Muslims reside. Bringing pork and alcohol to the Goutte d'Or isn't quite the same as neo-Nazis marching through Skokie, Illinois, though the organizers evidently hoped to achieve similar notoriety. The prefect has banned the event, however.

I had barely noticed this little tempest until I was called this morning by France24 to discuss it in a debate. I had to decline, because I knew too little about it. Now I am better informed, but it seems to me little more than the latest skirmish in the escalating French culture war. I think the best response would have been the one planned by some residents of the Goutte d'Or: un apéro géant hallal et thé à la menthe.


Scaramanga said...

Completely off the mark, but isn't there a better way to translate "saucisson" than "sausage?"

Unknown said...

saucisson sec = salami?

René said...

This kind of meeting is certainly a provocation against muslims. Just like "kissin" by gay associations in front of Notre Dame de Paris to provoke catholics. Stupidity is is equally shared to all these groups

Boris said...

It may be a provocation, but a healthy one IMHO.
This has allowed to show how several streets of Paris are blocked off weekly to traffic and non-muslims are clearly unwelcomed,in a quite aggressive way, with loudspeakers, etc.
A party suggesting to bring saucisson and wine does not exclude muslims : they can bring non-pork sausages and non-alcoholic drinks.
Let me point out that, even though some extreme-right organization jumped on the wagon and gave a bad name to this "apéro géant", it's been organized by groups around "Riposte laïque", which is rather left leaning.
I suggest you check out their website to read for yourself :

Anonymous said...

Agree with Boris
Salami is an Italian saucisson
pour le saucisson voir

FRANCIS said...

Suggested reading :,6633

Le saucisson est-il anticonstitutionnel ?

La provocation à la Goutte d’Or, c’est tous les vendredis
Elisabeth Lévy 16 juin 2010

Extrait : "Il ne s’agit pas d’être candide. Les saucissonneurs associés ont certainement des arrière-pensées politiques, et pas des plus ragoûtantes. Mais ce n’est pas en recouvrant le réel d’un voile de bons sentiments qu’on le fera disparaître. Que ces prières publiques soient dénoncées par des gens peu sympathiques voire infréquentables, ne change rien au fait qu’elles sont inacceptables. La France qui a connu une quasi-guerre civile pour sortir le christianisme de l’espace public devrait maintenant accepter que l’islam s’y déploie ? "

Sağlık haberleri said...

Un très bel article. Merci aux contributeurs.

René said...

Le christianisme n'est pas sorti de l'espace public (bien heureusement). Il suffit d'aller à Montmartre le Vendredi Saint, à Chartres à la Pentecôte ou à Lourdes tous les jours.