Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ségo Quotes Montesquieu

Ségolène Royal was on TF1 last night attacking Sarkozy's government as "corrupt." To prove her case, she cited Montesquieu's definition of corruption, glancing down at her notes to make sure she had it right. Vive les classiques!


Kirk said...

I think the Socaliasts should be careful what they wish for here. There are reports that Bettencourt's people "distributed envelopes" containing cash to leading figures. My guess is that these "contributions" went to all parties, and if this comes out, there will be casualties on all sides.

CJWilly said...

I hate politicians on TV. I especially hate French politicians. Royal had a horrible appearance. And Bachelot won't stop harassing the country with her enlightened pearls of wisdom regarding the latest "abyme" we appear to have fallen in..

Anonymous said...

I only caught Royal's last sentence and it rang true to me, although it must have jibed with the PS because she spoke of war and honor and the military: she said her father got a Legion d'honneur for fighting in the war and acts of bravery and she can't stand the thought such an honor is now bestowed on people whose only achievement is managing Bettencourt's fortune (and not that well even, if the papers are right.) This makes sense to me. I used to think légion d'honneur meant something. Now, anybody gets it as long as they know someone who can pin it on them.
I never longed for medals but if there's a treasured honor in a country, it seems to me it should be preserved.
If we started handing out purple hearts just for showing up in a well-pressed uniform and being friends with a general, I hope there'd be an outrage.
(I may also sound awfully traditional and all, I realize.)

French politicians LOOOOOOve quoting from classics, except Sarkozy. Listen to Villepin or Bayrou!