Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Baroin Report

François Baroin said that he was going to investigate the handling of the Bettencourt affair and issue a public report within 10 days. Apparently that promise has been "rendered inoperative."

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Anonymous said...

At the National Assembly, Baroin says that by asking questions, the PS is playing in the FN's hands and (my wording) acting like a pack of hyenas; a comparison was made earlier to a man, Beregovoy, who seemingly was hunted until he committed suicide.
Reacting to the insult, the PS left as one, apparently a fairly rare occurence.

One representative stayed long enough to state that helping to uncover the truth was helping democracy whereas trying to hide it or sully it was what really played into the FN's hands.

Xavier Bertrand said no one had any proof and shame on those who use unsubstantiated claims to attack decent politicians, creating a confusion in people's minds ("tous pourris").

Eric Woerth says the accountant is a frustrated woman hiding in her garden, using this pretext to soil her employer who'd dismissed her.
François Fillon said it's a systematic attempt at political destabilization, similar to a coup, unworthy of politicians who pretend to take part in the democratic process.

I think the government feels desperate/is clutching at straws because the conspiracy theory doesn't sound very ... thought out and rational.