Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is Sarkozy Retreating?

First there was the nomination of Rémy Pflimlin, a centrist and not a Sarkozy loyalist, to head France Télévisions, despite months of rumors that Sarkozy wanted Alexandre Bompard for the job. Now we learn that Anne Lauvergeon will stay as head of Areva, despite months of rumors that Sarkozy wanted her out and intended to install someone more compatible with his good friend Henry Proglio, head of EDF, who has been feuding with Lauvergeon, an erstwhile Mitterrand protégée. Meanwhile, the formerly reliable friend-of-Sarko prosecutor Philippe Courroye has been pushing the investigation of the Bettencourt-Woerth scandal, which has taken yet another astonishing turn. So, on the one hand, Sarkozy no longer feels strong enough to do as he pleases, elbowing all opposition aside, while on the other hand people in high places are no longer afraid to incur his displeasure. The management of the Woerth-Bettencourt affair has been disastrous from all points of view, perhaps because executing a retreat under fire is the most difficult of maneuvers. If this continues, retreat could soon turn into rout. But there is now no obvious way to stop the losses, because a Woerth resignation, which might have helped two weeks ago, will now seem like capitulation. Indeed, France2 reported last night that Sarkozy did not want Alain Joyandet, another former loyalist, to resign, but Joyandet refused to wait until October, as the presidential PR plan had envisioned. Another sign of lost confidence.


Anonymous said...

Arrets sur Images concludes 'one does not see what may save the government now"

Yet I'd been explained that France does not have impeachment, that, short of committing an individual crime such as stabbing a passerby in front of a crowd, the president could not be prosecuted or kicked out, that he was even covered for crimes that could be related to "raison d'état".

Some people say that Sarkozy may protect Woerth, not just because of the pension reform, but because, as Trésorier de l'ump, he knows too much - which makes me think Woerth may know stuff about the Karachi business, too.

The Sarkozy system is cooked yet nothing can be done, can it?


Boz said...

Terrible management, yes, but it also says something about the man who declines to resign despite complete loss of public confidence, wrongdoing or not. You're right, it would look like capitulation, but it's never too late to stop the bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Nah, there is also the Président Deschanelles solution, and a conviction for High Treason.