Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More on Les Roms, Les Gens du Voyage, etc.

Another good piece on the amalgame that the government has created by conflating les Roms, les gens du voyage, certain local disturbances, and a supposed global problem that can be resolved by "expulsions" of all who are in "irregular situations." This whole episode is really an astonishing case study in the abuse of language and the ravages wrought by the republican ideology of "willful blindness" regarding the existence of subgroups and communities within the population.


Unknown said...

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FrédéricLN said...

A very, very good paper. I also feel your comment on "willful blindness" is absolutely right; moreover, I feel it's the key to understand Mr Chatel's "parfois même français".

It just seems unthinkable to him that a specific community, considering itself "un peuple", is composed of people who are French since centuries.