Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quilès Calls for French Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Paul Quilès, who was defense minister under Mitterrand in 1985-86, has called for France to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan on the grounds that it is no longer an anti-terrorist war but an anti-nationalist war that cannot succeed.

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FrédéricLN said...

A very good paper talking about the real situation. Yet two elements are missing, in this paper and in the French debate, as they are missing in the American debat as far as I know:

* a serious post-war strategy in Afghanistan; that means: an Afghanistan which would be, at least for 80% of the land including Kabul, under Taliban military control. A strategy of complete avoidment is perhaps possible ; but writing "L'intensification de l'effort militaire ... doit être relayée par une intensification de l'effort civil." is not serious.

* even more important : a post-Afghanistan war strategy against al Qaïda. That would, after the war, be at home in Pachtu Afghanistan,... as is it already in other regions. Setting such a strategy is not impossible; it's just not done as far as I know.