Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking It Back

Hmm. What have we here?

Mme Thibout est revenue pour partie, mercredi soir devant les policiers, sur ses déclarations du 6 juillet au site Mediapart. Si elle confirme la remise de 50 000 euros en espèces à ses employeurs, il n'est plus question du 26 mars 2007. Quant aux enveloppes à Nicolas Sarkozy lorsqu'il était maire de Neuilly, l'ex-comptable a affirmé aux enquêteurs que ses propos auraient été "romancés". (Le Monde)

UPDATE: More details here. And here.


Kirk said...

LOL. Double-LOL.

So if Mediapart is making up much of this... Curiouser and curiouser...

Anonymous said...

I thought Mediapart had said they could back up what they'd printed?
Hasn't the accountant also said the practice of "envelops" covered a large number of people?

Nothing can be proved but the damage is immense because Sarkozy's behavior has made is very possible and absolutely credible that such behavior happened.
I don't think it'd have been the case with Jospin.

As you said, curiouser and curiouser.

Kirk said...

With all due respect, you're a bit naive if you think any politician of any stripe is not able to do what has been accused...

You may recall that _every_ party did things that are now illegal - and were, at the time, unethical - in order to raise money for their campaigns in the past.