Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Way Out for Sarko

Thierry Desjardins sees a way out of the hole into which Sarkozy has dug himself:

Certains s’amusent à imaginer une dissolution. Elle conduirait évidemment à mener Martine Aubry à Matignon. Et il est vrai que les présidents de cohabitation, Mitterrand en 1988 et Chirac en 2002, ont été réélus. Mais ce n’est qu’une hypothèse d’école…
Ce quinquennat va être interminable.


Anonymous said...

While in a small town discussing health reform, Sarko had a question about the " $$$ envelop" subsection of the Woerth/Bettencourt affair.
He wasn't, as he often does, excited and repeating himself. No. He stopped, looked haggard, checked his notes, said a word, went back to his notes, went on with his sentence that ended up sounding weird.

Maitre Eolas summarized the "affair" and adds that the judge may be summarily dismissed so that a more government-friendly officer of the court be appointed.


Today's news recapped all the affairs, clearly lumping this one together with DSK-MNEF, Noir-Carignon, and others I'd never heard of. The Noir_Carignon seems the only instance of corrupt French politicians going to jail.

Aubry in Matignon? Would she say no?
I'm trying to imagine Palin accepting an appointment by Obama. Or Pelosi accepting a job from GWBush.

Anonymous said...

In this case, it's different.

If Sarkozy launch a dissolution (firing all parlement members and calling for a new legislative election), chances are that socialists will take a majority (Sarkozy will be punished by french voters).
Traditionnally (not an obligation, but it's impossible to gouvern without majority), the french prime minister must be from the party which hold majority ... so PS if socialists win. And if PS win, Aubry will be prime minister.

It will not be another case of job offer for socialists, but a defeat for sarkozy.