Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Is a Stable an SME?

Florence Woerth seems to have another problem. She created an enterprise that allows high-rolling society matrons to invest in racehorses--a sort of time-share in horse flesh. And it turns out that this venture is classifed as a small-to-medium enterprise (PME in French), which, thanks to a tax loophole created by Eric Woerth when he was budget minister, allows these investors to claim a tax deduction.

In the land of scandal, when it rains, it pours. All perfectly legal, to be sure. Let's be clear about that. We wouldn't want to be sued for libel. By Monsieur either.


Anonymous said...

Art, you're clearly a fascist. In fact, if I were you, I would repent and walk on my knees all the stairs up to the last floor of your office building, repeating "I apologize for Salengro".
(I admit I had to look both Salengro and Beregovoy up - Thanks, French government, for increasing my history databank!)

MYOS (who still can't post by name :s)

Anonymous said...

libel but not slander, eh?

Also, didn't Monsieur Woerth say he'd sue if the alleged fraud was proven?
I thought I heard that in his interview with Laurence Ferrari.

Kirk said...

Technically, being an SME just depends on the size of the company, not its turnover...

Massilian said...

Once I said, I believed Bernard Tapie was a crook. I am confused, I have to apologise. It was prejudice and "délit de sale gueule". I am "honteux et confus".
What I learn reading l'Express and Thierry Desjardins's latest post is really appalling. These people are hopeless. They are.