Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Youthful Mistakes"

With the epithet "fascist" back in the news, it's perhaps time to have a look at the early years of the Bettencourt saga, when they still had their wits about them. Here's the tale:

He [André Bettencourt, Liliane's late husband] wrote for the Nazi-sponsored, anti-Semitic weekly newspaper “La Terre Francaise”, in which he described Jews as “hypocritical Pharisees” whose “race has been forever sullied by the blood of the righteous. They will be cursed.”

‘Youthful mistakes’

After the war Bettencourt played down lines such as these as “youthful mistakes”, preferring to laud the fact that he joined the Resistance in 1943 alongside his friend Mitterrand, whom he helped whisk away to London to make contact with General de Gaulle.


bernard said...

L'Oreal was, after the 2nd worldwar, a nest of - or a protective haven for - former members "La Cagoule", a major inter-war fascist antisemitic and the like organisation. During the war and occupation, former members of this sympathetic misled young man's club split: some joined the Resistance - using aliases corresponding to Paris tube stations so they could recognise each other, others joined the collaboration administration. The latter were very often welcomed into l'Oreal with the gentle help of some of the former. History does not go away. It catches up with people.

Anonymous said...

the "Fascist" accusation is thus an irony...