Friday, August 20, 2010

Chabot Is Out

Arlette Chabot, longtime news director at France2, has been ousted. Veteran readers of this blog will recall her widely reported spat with Nicolas Sarkozy back in 2009. It was rumored then that she would not remain in her job for long, but she survived almost a year. Of course Sarkozy's various disagreements with her may have had nothing to do with her ouster. But then again ... When the executive exerts as much control over the state news media as in France, Fats Waller's dictum is always pertinent: "One never knows, do one?"

Selon les informations du "Monde", Arlette Chabot a été "relevée de ses fonctions" de directrice de l'information de France 2 et va quitter son poste la semaine prochaine.

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