Friday, August 20, 2010

How Should the Roma Be Treated?

A commentator suggests that there are no easy solutions.

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Kirk said...

Oh, what a surprise! You mean it's not just a black-and-white problem with solutions that are ready to implement? I'm shocked, shocked to hear that the politicians crowing about this problem may be mistaken in trying to politicize a problem to which there is, as you say, no easy solution.

The article says:

"Mais surtout, décide-t-on que désormais, tous les Roms bulgares et roumains qui débarqueront d'un car Eurolines porte de Bagnolet se verront immédiatement attribuer un appartement, quitte à attendre quelques mois sous une passerelle d'autoroute aménagée par les pouvoirs publics et Médecins du Monde qu'il ait été construit ?"

This is the basic question about immigration. Some on the left think that _anyone_ who makes it to France should be given legal status, and everything that goes with it. Sure, open the doors, and how to you handle all those people. Okay, not everyone; so where do you draw the line? I've not heard any valid solutions here in France, neither recently nor in the many years I've been in France.

I think the worst problem is that so many people _pretend_ that there are easy solutions, whether they are on the right or the left. I'm reminded by the scenes that make the evening news of the "associations" that are "helping" the Roma; I wonder if they were helping these people before Sarkozy went on his new crusade. (To be fair, I know that there have long been volunteers helping those illegal aliens in the north, the ones who try to sneak into England. But if those aliens really wanted to stay in France, I wonder if there would be as many people helping them...)

The problem with the Roma is further complicated by their in-between status as EU citizens. They can travel, but there's a period of several years (is it until 2014?) before they can get work easily in other EU countries.

In any case, no country can accept all the immigrants who want to go there. Yet no politicians can make real propositions for dealing with this issue.