Saturday, August 14, 2010


We Americans have become only too familiar with the ways in which the word "security" can be used to justify actions that only recently were thought unthinkable, or attributed in popular fiction and film exclusively to villainous enemies. With the latest outbreak of le sécuritarisme sarkozyste, France is making the same discovery. More than a few stomachs have been turned. See here for the reaction of a UMP deputy of Villepiniste tendencies and here for the strictures of a magistrate.


SocProf said...

Actually, the turned stomachs are the new thing. Remember, hyping security (and especially insecurity) was already a big theme in 1995 and has been used as main campaign strategy ever since, with the great complicity of TF1 / La Une.

FrédéricLN said...

Woh, the best tuned comment on this outbreak is the Sonnet by a "Mariannaute", pasted at the end at the following review of comments :

"Du haut de ta fonction laisse-les donc médire,
Auguste Président, farouche défenseur
De notre République, Ô son grand serviteur !" and so on

"Pelleas d'Allemonde" - the poet ;-) - hit it. "Le sonnet de cour".

FrédéricLN said...

Quite useless to quote "Le Monde" on this blog, but en français, l'exception confirme la règle. L'électron libre Daniel Cohn-Bendit once again speaks quite adequately about these security issues - criticizing not only the Sarkozy administration but also the left side, and, entre les lignes, the Greens