Friday, August 27, 2010

The Socialist Party

A long and lucid analysis of the situation of the Socialist Party by Laurent Bouvet.


Anonymous said...

A complement to Bouvet's superb article (thank you Art) -- pure lol at the Université d'été du PS:

And I think Americans will understand the joke better than the average French socialist.

FrédéricLN said...

Thank you for this link - opportunity to discover Laurent Bouvet's blog. I don't know how far the speculation about the "necessary but so hard" connection "populaire+européen" is relevant, or is a pure "intellectual construction" - perhaps it is actually relevant.

I would rather highlight what is described as "point essentiel" by the author himself, the Socialist Party is nothing but "un parti d'élus", a syndicate of locally elected persons. Key points for foreign students in political sciences ;-) :

1) no connection between the Left and trade unions;

2) very limited concern for national political issues, as long as the central State pays the amounts it is expected to pay to local authorities (RMI/RSA and so on);

3) strongly rooted in the tradition of "communes", who are, since the Middle Age, the Other source of political legitimacy for an acting power in France (as opposed to feudal structures, with the Sovereign as their keystone).

Tom Holzman said...

In light of what FredericLN has pointed out and the Bouvet article, what comes to mind for me is that the PS risks becoming what the Radicals were during the Third and Fourth Republic: a party of local notables and wannabes. This suggests a danger that the PS will gradually lose its hegemony on the left to competitors.