Friday, August 27, 2010

Téléspectateur en haut lieu

You wouldn't believe whom Sarkozy wants off the air.


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if the President's taste runs to bad 80's icons!
Do you remember when Guillon was winning his timeslot and yet was called "a failure"? And how Philippe thought there should not be a "humor" slot in the 6/10 morning news?
Add to this the fact there are 3 people who've never worked radio before and I can bet France Inter will rank last among the big radios when the rankings come around in December/January. In fact I predict a crash right around September. Which to me explains a lot as to why Demorrand left: he's THE up and coming radio interviewer, he couldn't be stuck on a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

More on TV: turns out the unfunny and often sexist Dahan opened UMP rallies.
(You know, those "jokes" about women from Madmen? He's copied them all.)
Audrey Pulvar's one of the three people in charge who's also never worked radio. That bugs me more than her relationship with Montebourg although Val's comparison to dentists is ludicrous. On the other hand, Pulvar has always been überprofessional on iTélé - only Fabius was enough of a cad to bring up her personal life during an interview (his quip " (about the PS) I doubt you're not well-informed.")