Monday, August 9, 2010


Steve Erlanger has an excellent piece in the Times about Villeneuve, the Grenoble neighborhood that has been the focal point of recent conflict. It's great to see the Times doing background reporting on social conflict in France. Note to editors: please publish more of this kind of thing.

And please note this line: "The Sarkozy push on security appears to have been well-planned, ready for the spark provided by Villeneuve and another attack on the police in St.-Aignan after a Gypsy was shot dead during another car chase." Indeed.


MCG said...

I'm perplexed. If the Sarkozy push on security was well-planned, that does not mean that security is not a serious concern, does it?

Cartesian said...

Considering some past events, may be Sarkozy decided to do this kind of war against the Bretons of Celtic origin. But I prefer to not think too much about it.

Cartesian said...

P.-S.: If there is some bad Bretons of Celtic origin, there is also some good ones, but the difference is not always considered.