Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Dérive droitière de l'UMP"

Who said that? A Socialist? No: Jean-Pierre Raffarin. And the Senate administered a rebuke to Sarkozyan securitism:

Des poids lourds de la majorité ont fait part de leur mécontentement. Le président UMP du Sénat, Gérard Larcher, a demandé de "faire attention" et de "garder raison" sur ces questions, tandis que l'ex-Premier ministre Jean-Pierre Raffarin s'est offusqué d'une "dérive droitière" de l'UMP. Les sénateurs de l'Union centriste (UC) sont allés dans le même sens. "Nous adhérons totalement au texte d'origine de la Loppsi, mais nous sommes opposés à une surenchère dans les sanctions qui se réduit à un effet d'annonce et qui n'est d'aucune efficacité sur le terrain", a expliqué François Zocchetto, principal orateur de l'UC sur ce texte.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where to put that, but it's an expat's book about French schools as seen by "someone whose daughters attend said schools and who teaches at Science Po".
Not sure how true it is - the situation sounds less dire where I live, but then again 80% people around here have never attended college so the fact kids are in school and will not drop out sounds pretty good, whereas in the book the schools sound like "lycee" is a given and selective colleges more or less so, too. -- The "you're worthless" phenomenom is true though.

Anonymous said...

80% French people believe Tuesday's strike was a success. 55% think the goverment must go stick to "60 for minimal retirement age/65 for full pension" system.
Then again, wasn't it 80% who supported the "security" measures?
The UMP is fraying though, and not just JP Raffarin's small band of supporters. Practicing Catholics (a core UMP constituency) were swayed by the Pope's rebuke and the Woerth affair scandalizes virtually everyone regardless of political preference. Only die-hard sarkozystes still support him. What was discussed around BBQs this summer - that Woerth is "protected" because he knows too much about the UMP's financial irregularities, especially during the 2007 campaign - is now openly brought up on TV. The Roma/travellers/"war on crime" speeches have not had the expected result and don't succeed in distracting people. Copé and Bertrand bicker audibly. Unease is spreading fast as Sarkozy's not perceived as the Boss who Controls Everything. When a party is held through conviction and fear and both wear thin at the same time, it's time for ambitions to show.
As for Loppsi, if it's the resounding success that HADOPI is, LOL (or, in French: "MDR")