Friday, September 24, 2010

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

On Copé's ambitions (see yesterday's post) and potential hostility toward them in the UMP, nothing is more eloquent than the photo accompanying this article in Le Point. (It's copyrighted, so I link rather than include, but it's worth clicking through to see the daggers in Fillon's eyes as he glances sidelong at Copé.)

See also Bernard Girard.


Anonymous said...

About relativism of age: I found this NYT article very interesting because it describes a situation that should be very familiar to French people.
I'm curious to see how it'll be solved in the US, because it's not been solved in France.
In fact, one key issue with the "pension reform" is that about 2/3 French people 57 and above are unemployed ; so the reform means they'd have to be on unemployment for 10 years instead of the current 3. (In fact, in some cases, until now, unemployed people aged 58 could cash in their pensions without a penalty.) So the reform will draw more money from the Unemployment funds, meaning that the net benefit should be about zero - and more people will depend on RSA and other such welfare programs even in their (relative) old age which will cost money, too.
I'm waiting to see whether the government has a solution to this problem - they're said to be still negotiating.

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