Friday, September 17, 2010

Times on the Roma

The New York Times looks at the sources of the Roma problem.


MCG said...

This is an excellent analysis. If only all reports on France's treatment of the Roma were as well-done. It traces the problem to Romania and Bulgaria, which were admitted to the EU on promises that they would resolve the treatment of the Roma in their own countries, but which are instead dumping the Roma on France. So France is being blamed for removing the Roma when they stay illegally. It does not attack the personal character of M. Sarkozy or anyone else, nor does it adopt the self-righteousness of Madame Reding, still less play that weakest of rhetorical devices, the Holocaust card. I wish The Times were always this restrained.

Steven Rendall said...

A recent case in Montauban shows that the expulsion measures may have unexpected consequences:
It appears that in this case a crime was committed in order to be expelled and get the 300 euros compensation.