Saturday, October 23, 2010

About that cabinet reshuffle ...

So now we're beginning to hear more chatter about that promised remaniement. Fadela Amara says she likes Borloo. It's nice to hear from Fadela after all this years. I hadn't realized she was still in the government. Meanwhile, Fillon is said to want to stay in his job, after giving many signs that he was preparing to leave it. I wouldn't be surprised if Sarkozy moves next week. The reshuffle was initially announced for October, and time is running out. In addition, a reshuffle would push the protests off the front page for two or three days, as learned commentators, myself included, will be obliged to decide What It All Means. In the end, no doubt, it won't mean much. It's becoming difficult even to remember the previous reshuffles. Who was Minister of Education in Gov't Fillon 1 anyway?


Anonymous said...

Oopsie, somebody lost their job in he reshuffle!

(well, we can start betting, can"t we? Personnally I bet against Borloo as Prime Minister. What do you think?)

Anonymous said...

The legacy is ON!
After being held back five times, Jean Sarkozy manages to pass his Sophomore exams and is admitted to his Junior Year of college! Now he's all ready to become CEO of something or other, and become party chief for Les Hauts de Seine.