Monday, October 11, 2010

"Company with Holocaust Ties"

American politics would be comic if it weren't so tragic. Witness the attempt of Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fl.), who represents Boca Raton, to derail the SNCF's bid to build a high-speed rail line in Florida on the grounds that the French company's participation in the bidding is a "direct insult to Holocaust survivors and their families." This is because SNCF trains transported Jews to death camps during World War II.

Rep. Klein might want to consider the roster of American companies that did business with the Nazis between 1932 and 1941. But then again, the Boca Raton area, which Klein represents, is one where anti-French feeling runs high, much of it irrational, so his move is no doubt carefully calculated.

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Louis said...

Maybe Senator Klein typed his letter to the SNCF's headquarters and printed it on IBM machines... The irony...

Good old-fashionned French bashing seems to still deliver the goods... Good call for M. Klein. what next? The yellow threat?