Friday, October 1, 2010

Sen on Quality of Life

Since Bernard Girard's post (linked in my previous post) takes us back to the days of the Sen-Stiglitz-Fitoussi Commission report, some of you may be interested in Amartya Sen's reflections on this and other issues related to the quality of life and its measurement. These can be seen here in an interview with Ingrid Robeyns (h/t Crooked Timber; N.B.: the video didn't work for me in Firefox and was distorted in aspect ratio in Internet Explorer but [barely] tolerable to watch in full-screen mode).


Anonymous said...

63,000 protesters in Paris according to the police. With this level of obvious discrepancy the civil servants tell us they've been asked to undercount. It's not possible otherwise. Or they're passing on a message to the governement's requests, because that number can ONLY be ironic.
I mean, there were cameras and journalists reporting live. We were informed that the first line of protesters left la bastille* at 2:30 with journalists reporting live, while the last line of people left at 5:30.

Of course another explanation is offered here:

Owni, a serious online magazine, has a theorem:
(police# X3 - Union #:0.5) = real number

*- I think it was Bastille, or was it République? something symbolic

Anonymous said...

The protest I followed had a college guy manning the mike. It resulted in the following concluding the protests amidst much laughter:
"I've decided to be a presidential candidate in 2012."
(Hurrahs from his friends)
"My platform:
#1 A big problem, poverty. So, let us give money to all poor people so that there aren"t any poor left.
#2 What are frontiers for? They're just marks on paper. Let us abolish countries!
#3 I declare July 14 "All Naked Day" because when we're naked we're all free and equal!"
(bursts of laughter)
"Nah, don't worry, I'll be running on a Vichy platform, that's what I must do in order to get elected"

Lots of people for sure. People are getting antsy, restless. Speaking of "magouilles" and "injustice". I noted that DSK has no friends in these quarters. Tapie and his 220 million doesn't, either. There's a definite sense of anger coming near the surface.
The government better throw a bone to chew otherwise I'm afraid this reform may take a wrong turn.

Anonymous said...

another theorem:
63.000 + 300.000 = 363.000/2 = 181. 500 police+syndicats=total/2 et on trouve le chiffre réel des manifestants à paris